Vuelio: Your Media and Influencer Relationship Platform

Vuelio PR Media Monitoring

Public relations has changed significantly with the explosion of media outlets in the digital era. No longer is it enough to pitch a few outlets and put together a monthly list of mentions of your brand. Today, the modern public relations professional has to handle an ever-growing list of influencers and publications, then prove the impact that they’re having on a brand.

PR software has evolved from simple press release distribution to modern relationship management systems that can assist public relations professional research, find, communicate, automate, and measure the impact they are having on behalf of their clients.

Vuelio is a PR software platform that encompasses all of these aspects of modern public relations. Understand who is important, how best to engage them then send content, monitor results, measure social media impact, and analyze effectiveness, all in one place.

Vuelio Features Include

  • Media Database – Tap into the PR industry’s most powerful media list. With direct access to more than one million journalists and influencers from nearly 200 countries, you can connect with the most important people to your story, topic, or organization.

Vuelio Media Contact Database

  • Media Monitoring – Understand how your story has been received by journalists and influencers with smart listening and evaluation tools. Monitoring allows to you keep up with breaking news and coverage across broadcast, print, online and social media.
  • News Release Distribution – Easily get your press releases to the people that matter. Send multimedia stories directly to the wire, social, search engines, or your website. Then track, analyze, and learn from your results in real-time.

Vuelio Press Release Distribution

  • Media Analysis – Analyse how your story was received and get practical insight to make future communications work even better. See which messages, content, and channels are working (and which aren’t) with your key journalists and influencers. Gain insight on how to more effectively reach your audience, boost ROI, and improve brand reputation.
  • Online Newsroom – Make your content easily available to journalists, stakeholders, and influencers in a customizable online media center. Easily publish press releases, images, and supporting information while accessing the data you need to improve the effectiveness of everything you create.
  • Canvas – Create a beautiful visual presentation for your stakeholders of how your story has been reported in seconds. Curate news coverage, social activity, video, and audio clips to create a stunning campaign showcase in seconds.

Vuelio Canvas

  • FOI Management – Easily manage your entire Freedom of Information process. Keep track of deadlines, process statistics, and quickly generate reports on the number and type of requests, as required by the FOI Act 2000.
  • Stakeholder Management – Manage crucial connections with a simplified contact management center. Keep communications consistent with journalists and influencers across your team by having a single, centralized online hub that details every interaction between your team and key stakeholders.
  • Media Relations Management – Streamline your entire communications strategy with a centralized campaign center. Vuelia’s media management software saves you time by making it easy to organize, share, and report on everything your team does, with automatic tracking, email integration, and advanced reporting and analysis tools.

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