2015 State of Digital Marketing

state of digital marketing 2015

We're seeing quite a change when it comes to digital marketing and this infographic from Smart Insights breaks down the strategies and provides some data that speaks well to the change. From an agency standpoint, we're watching as more and more agencies adopt a wider array of services.

It's been almost 6 years since I launched my agency, DK New Media, and I was advised by some of the best agency owners in the industry that I needed to specialize and focus my expertise. The problem that I identified; however, was that this was the problem with the industry. With every agency specializing, no consultants were providing an overall strategy on how to build consistency and collaborative multi-channel campaigns that could drive performance.

Where we focused our attention wasn't on the marketing medium, we focused on the types of customers we served. We were especially adept at helping source marketing technology for enterprise clients as well as marketing technology companies communicate their brand effectively to acquire market share. The combination of inbound and outbound efforts, traditional and digital media, and higher dollar transactions made our boutique agency quite popular in this market segment. We continue to focus and drive results with our clients in that area.

At issue isn't expertise in a single area – we have all the resources for that. The difficulty is in recognizing and aligning the impact of each channel on the other. Work only in one channel and you get minimal results. But coordinate across paid, earned, shared and owned strategies and you can drastically impact the results of your digital marketing.

In our latest infographic we show the importance of digital marketing to businesses today and the digital marketing techniques that marketers find most effective. To create it, we blended the latest research from the best sources for digital marketing consumer adoption stats with the results from our latest Managing Digital Marketing 2015 report. It’s structured in three parts: The Global Picture of consumer use; a review of benchmarks across the RACE customer lifecycle followed by research on the most effective techniques for managing Digital Marketing. Dave Chaffey, Smart Insights.

Download Smart Insight's free research report. It's based on a survey of Smart Insights members and Technology for Marketing & Advertising 2015 attendees. The report explores approaches businesses use to plan and manage their investments in digital marketing.

2015 State of Digital Marketing

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