What is POE?

paid owned earned

In preparation a webinar, I wanted to share this fantastic infographic on POE from the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada and The Brainstorm Group. POE is just an acronym for the three methods of content distribution. Paid, Owned and Earned media are all viable strategies for building your authority and spreading your reach in social media.

  • Paid Media is the use of paid advertising channels to drive traffic and the brand’s overall message to your content. It’s used to create awareness, jumpstart other forms of media and to get your content seen by new audiences. Tactics include print, radio, email, pay per click, facebook ads, and promoted tweets.
  • Owned Media are media, content and platforms that are partially or completely ownedoe or controlled by the business. The role is to house the content, build authority and relationships, and ultimately to engage the prospect or customer. Tactics include publishing blog posts, press releases, whitepapers, case studies, ebooks and social media updates.
  • Earned Media is the acquisition of mentions and articles on established channels not gained through advertising – many times it’s news coverage. Earned media sources typically already have authority, ranking and relevance to a given industry or topic, so getting mentions helps to build your authority and spread your reach. Tactics include public relations, and outreach programs to industry influencers and bloggers as well as social networking.

Paid Earned Owned

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