How to Market and Promote Your Next Event Online

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We’ve written before on how to utilize social media to market your next event, and even some specifics on how to use Twitter to promote an event. We’ve even shared a blueprint for event marketing.

This infographic from DataHero, however, provides some fantastic detail on utilizing email, mobile, search and social to promote and market your events.

Getting people to attend your event isn’t just about making the event itself fantastic, you have to market it the right way as well. This infographic steps you through best practices for how to market your event online, from email marketing, to social amplification, to search engine optimization.

Here are some highlighted best practices on marketing your event online

  • Email Marketing – Utilize images and mobile-responsive emails for increased registration rates.
  • Mobile Marketing – A growing number of registrations occur on a mobile device so ensure your registration page is optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Optimize your event page for applicable keywords and work to try to get mentions from other relevant sites at least 4 weeks prior to your event to try to rank it well.
  • Social Media Marketing – create a unique hashtag and encourage engagement on social media before and during your event with some reviews after it.

Best Practices for Marketing and Promoting Your Event Online

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