Most of the Purchase Decision in B2B Happens Before Contact with Your Company

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By the time another business is contacting your business to purchase your product or service, they’re two-thirds to 90 percent of the way through their buying journey. Over half of all B2B buyers begin the process of selecting their next vendor by doing some informal research around the business challenges associated with a problem they’re researching.

This is the reality of the world we are living in! B2B buyers don’t have the patience or time to wait for your outbound sales representative to introduce your product or service to them. They’re already aware of the problem and they’re already researching the solution. Your team should be producing supporting content and building authority in social media and search results so you can capture them earlier in the research stages. Ou

B2B Sales can be tough, and if you’re like a lot of companies out there, you’re spinning your wheels trying to rake in the sales with traditional outbound strategies like cold calling, tradeshows and direct mail. This infographic, B2B Sales Has Changed, will show you why smart marketers are quickly replacing their outbound sales and marketing strategies with an inbound approach. You need to generate more leads and ultimately more revenue, and this infographic will point you to the tools that can get you back on track. From Maximize Social Media.

Some folks would like to pitch inbound as a replacement to outbound marketing. I don’t believe that’s a valid comparison. In fact, I believe the combination of an inbound and outbound effort multiplies your chances of closing more efficiently. Content has a great lifecycle as well – an infographic or whitepaper can drive leads for years, enabling your outbound sales team to focus on building the relationship and closing the sale rather than simply informing the prospect.


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