MakeWebBetter: Build and Grow Your Ecommerce Business with WooCommerce and Hubspot

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s no doubting the far reach of Hubspot as a CRM and marketing automation platform and WordPress as a Content Management System. Because it’s a simple plugin and add-on, WooCommerce has been growing in popularity as an ecommerce platform to easily implement. While WordPress has released it’s own CRM, the platform lacks the maturity of Hubspot for its ability to drive process to the acquisition and retention strategies of an organization. Hubspot’s affordable coupling of

ICanLocalize: Affordably Translate Your Business Site To Reach New Audiences

Reading Time: 2 minutes My agency is working assisting a bilingual healthcare-related company to build out their site, optimize it for search, and to develop marketing communications out to their clients. While they had a nice WordPress site, the people that built it depended on machine translation for visitors who spoke Spanish. There are three challenges with the site’s machine translation, though: Dialect – The Spanish machine translation didn’t take into consideration the Mexican dialect of its visitors. Terminology

Omnify: An Online Reservation, Booking, and Payment Platform

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re a gym, studio, trainer, tutor, coach, or any other kind of business where you need to reserve time, take payments, manage customer reminders, and communicate offers to your customers, Omnify is a purpose built solution specific for your business needs… whether you’re location-based or an online business. Omnify Reservation System Accept Bookings, Payments & Manage Waitlists from web and mobile. Create blocks of slots available through the day, buffer times, limit the number

How to Pass and Store a Salesforce Contact ID with Gravity Forms and WordPress

Reading Time: 3 minutes My Salesforce Partner agency is working with an enterprise organization right now to implement Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Mobile Cloud, and Ad Studio. Their websites are all built on WordPress with Gravity Forms, a fantastic form and data management tool that has a ton of capabilities. As they deploy campaigns via Marketing Cloud in email and Mobile Cloud in SMS, we’re configuring their account and processes to always pass the Salesforce Contact ID to any landing

It’s Time to Raise Your RSS Feed From the Dead

Reading Time: 2 minutes Contrary to popular belief, feeds are still roaming the face of the internet… or at least the underworld of it. Content syndication may be being consumed by applications and websites more than people using a feed reader… but the opportunity to ensure your content is distributed and looks great across devices is still a plus for content strategies. Note: If you’re lost – here’s an article on what an RSS feed is. I was shocked