WordPress Plugin: Open A Video In A Lightbox with Elementor

We’ve adopted a website with a client that was built with Elementor, a fantastic drag and drop editing plugin for WordPress that transforms how easy it is to build complex, beautiful layouts that are responsive… without programming or the need to understand shortcodes. Elementor does have some limitations, one of which I ran into working on a client site. They simply wanted a button that opened a video in a Lightbox… something that Elementor doesn’t

Elementor: A Fantastic Editor for Designing Beautiful WordPress Pages and Posts

This afternoon, I took a few hours and built my first client site using Elementor. If you’re in the WordPress industry, you’ve probably already heard the buzz about Elementor, they’ve just hit 2 million installations! My friend Andrew, who operates NetGain Associates, told me about the plugin and I’ve already bought an unlimited license to implement it everywhere! WordPress has been feeling the heat on its relatively barbaric editing capabilities. They recently updated to Gutenberg,

Revive Social: Repost Your Older Content To Social Media

If you’ve got a WordPress publication like mine that has thousands and thousands of articles, you know you’ve got amazing content that’s dying… simply because you’re not promoting it. Social media is an amazing place to drive relevant visitors back to your publication… but the arduous task of queueing and scheduling old content is just too much for most companies to handle. Revive Old Post is a fantastic WordPress plugin that enables publishers and companies

New Domain Regular Expression (Regex) Redirects In WordPress

For the last few weeks, we’ve been helping a client to do a complex migration with WordPress. The client had two products, both of which have become popular to the point that they had to split out the businesses, the branding, and the content out to separate domains. It’s quite the undertaking! Their existing domain is staying put, but the new domain will have all content with respect to that product… from images, posts, case

The Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin is Amazing!

Rank Math SEO Plugin for WordPress is a lightweight search engine optimization plugin for WordPress that includes sitemaps, rich snippets, content analysis, and redirects.

6 Reasons for Resetting your WordPress Blog

WP Reset is a plugin that lets you reset your site both completely and partially where only specific sections of your blog are included in the changes. The full reset is pretty self-explanatory, removing all posts, pages, custom post types, comments, media entries, and users.  The action does leave media files (but doesn’t list them under media), as well as integrations such as plugins and theme uploads, along with all of the core characteristics of