Shoutcart: A Simple Way To Buy Shoutouts From Social Media Influencers

Digital channels continue to grow at a rapid rate, a challenge to marketers everywhere as they decide what to promote and where to promote their products and services online. As you look to reach new audiences, there are traditional digital channels like industry publications and search results… but there are also influencers. Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity because influencers have carefully grown and curated their audience and followers over time. Their audience has

Phonesites: Create Sales Funnel Websites and Landing Pages in Minutes Using Your Phone

This might really anger some folks in my industry, but many companies simply don’t have a model that supports the investment into a massive site deployment and content marketing strategy. I know quite a few small businesses that still go door-to-door or depend on word-of-mouth to support an impressive business. Phonesites: Launch Pages In Minutes Every business has to balance its owner’s time, effort, and investment to produce the most efficient sales process to bring

Hippo Video: Boost Sales Response Rates With Video Selling

My inbox is a mess, I’ll totally admit it. I have rules and smart folders that are focused on my clients and virtually everything else falls by the wayside unless it captures my attention. Some sales pitches that stand out are personalized video emails that have been sent to me. Seeing someone speak to me personally, observing their personality, and quickly explaining the opportunity for me is engaging… and I’m certain that I respond more

Headliner: Build Audiograms For Your Podcast To Promote Socially

The podcast industry continues to grow for businesses. We’ve seen the incredible impact on the podcast series that we’ve helped companies to launch – many easily moving into the top percent of their industry due to a lack of competing alternatives. Podcasting is a fantastic marketing channel for several reasons: Voice – provides an intimate and emotionally engaging experience where your prospects and customers can build trust and get to know your brand personally. Retention

Scary… The Average Halloween Fan Is Planning To Spend Over $100 This Year!

For the first time ever, per-person spending for Halloween will top $100. This year, each of the top spending categories – candy, decorations, costumes, and greeting cards will see significant increases, not just over last year’s numbers, but also over 2019 spending numbers. The Shelf, 021 Halloween Spending, Sales, Stats, and Trends Halloween Statistics Are UP! Last year, less than half of us were interested in celebrating Halloween but this year spending is back up,