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Over the years, we've noticed that expectations often increase with our clients while the cost of the engagement has not. In fact, last year we spent about 15% year over year on additional work for our clients. That would have been great had we had the resources, but we simply didn't. We had to make some drastic changes if we hoped to keep our agency healthy.


One service that approached us was Tasko. Tasko built a sophisticated task management system, fed it with talent, and applied a robust multi-stage review structure to it. The result has been a highly reliable and accurate task management service that's resulted in a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

We decided to put the system to the test for one of our clients, an Indianapolis pest control company. While we were focused on in-depth articles and graphics on the types of pests they worked on, we thought it would be really cool if we could post a fact-per-day on their social media outlets. On Tasko, we ordered 30 hours of time to research and find pest-related statistics for very specific pests and we specified those statistics must be up to date in the last year.

Not only did we ask for the data, we also requested the returned file be formatted for import intoHootsuite ‘s bulk scheduler. A week later, we received our file and it was perfect! Internally, we made some minor adjustments to time the pests with the season to maximize engagement and specified images for each of the updates. The result was that we had one pest fact per day scheduled for the rest of the year across Twitter, Facebook, and Google+!

hootsuite bulk uploader

That's just one example of how Tasko can be used, but we believe it's a pretty cool use! Common marketing support tasks that are often requested are identifying leads, enriching contact lists, creating content for social media, identifying decision makers, or spreading content online.

Here are some Marketing Tasks Tasko has performed:

  • Find suitable contacts on LinkedIn, research contact information and add new contacts into a CRM.
  • Record 600 leads into a spreadsheet for sales based geographic location and job title.
  • Add products, including details, description, pics etc. to my Shopify account.
  • Select the top 10 photos shared on Instagram within the last 24 hours tagged with a specific hashtag.
  • Creating an index of German startups that have received Series Seed or Series A funding in the past 12 months that do not have a mobile application.
  • Provide a list of Sweden websites with an Alexa rank below 20k, supports English, and supports ad placement.
  • Transcribe an interview (duration of 2:28:00)
  • Create conversations for a Facebook Messenger bot.
  • Digitize many pages of handwritten notes for case studies in a Word Document. Highlight anything not understood and paste in drawings.

Pricing is simple – $5 US per hour for standard delivery and $10 US per hour for express delivery.

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