Five Questions on Content Optimization Strategies

iStock_content.jpgOff and on I notice that some social media pundits telling companies it doesn’t matter where they participate in social media, only that they actually do. Others argue development of a social media strategy before ever starting.

There are five questions you need to ask yourself when creating content on the web:

  1. Where should the content be placed? – the platform that you’re placing the content on should be optimized for the target audience you wish to reach. If you’re trying to reach search engine users, be sure to utilize a platform that’s optimized for search engines. If you’re trying to reach business-to-business users, be sure to focus on networks that cater to businesses. If you’re looking to provide high quality video, put it on a platform that can serve it.
  2. How should the content be placed? – content is there to drive traffic, and ultimately, business for your company. Placing your content with strong calls-to-action that are relevant to driving sales is important. If you’re writing a tweet and want to be retweeted, leave room beyond the 140 characters for more recipients or comments.
  3. What content should be placed? – content that is supposed to attract traffic virally may need to be more edgy than content that is merely matching keywords for search engine acquisition. Content within an e-book should be less conversational and more structured. Content within a blog should be bulleted, a representative image included, along with a conversational writing style.
  4. When should the content be placed? – if your target is to attract people to an event, plan out ramping up content before, during and after the event to promote it. If your target is a business audience, publish on the weekdays. Knowing when to publish content can actually lift your conversions.
  5. How often should I place the content? – at times, repeating the message can increase overall conversions. Sometimes writing once a month on a specific topic can lead to improved acquisition rates rather than simply writing it once and stopping. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself. Returning visitors forget (or need a reminder) and new visitors may not have seen the message before.

Dumping content out on the web without a strategy may get you some results but won’t optimize and fully leverage the work that you’re doing. It’s difficult enough to develop content that makes an impact – be sure to answer some questions on the content you’re writing instead of just dumping it.

What do you think?

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