Headliner: Build Audiograms For Your Podcast To Promote Socially

How to Build Audiograms For Your Podcast

The podcast industry continues to grow for businesses. We’ve seen the incredible impact on the podcast series that we’ve helped companies to launch – many easily moving into the top percent of their industry due to a lack of competing alternatives. Podcasting is a fantastic marketing channel for several reasons:

  • Voice – provides an intimate and emotionally engaging experience where your prospects and customers can build trust and get to know your brand personally.
  • Retention – we all want to assist our clients to have success… so developing an audio content library that helps them utilize your products or educate them on your services is a great way to set expectations, build trust, and and achieve success.
  • Testimonials – product and service companies often talk about their features and benefits, but don’t often share the stories of their customers. Interviewing a customer is a great way to build awareness and trust for your brand.
  • Awareness – interviewing influencers and industry leaders on your podcast is a great way to co-promote your products and services and build a relationship with the people leading your industry.
  • Prospecting – I’ve interviewed several prospective clients for my podcast and then signed them up as customers in the future. It’s been an incredible way to break through on sales… and it’s mutually beneficial.

That said, podcasting can be somewhat complex. From recording, editing, producing intros/outros, hosting, syndicating… all of these take effort. We’ve shared a comprehensive article in the past on this. And… after your podcast is published, you need to promote it! One incredibly effective way of doing this is with an audiogram.

What Is An Audiogram?

An audiogram is a video that captures the sound wave visually from an audio file. The Y-axis represents the amplitude measured in decibels and the X-axis represents frequency measured in hertz.

For digital media and marketing purposes, an audiogram is a video file where your audio is combined with graphics so that you can promote your podcast on a video channel like YouTube or embed it in a social channel like Twitter.

Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.

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To be honest, I’m quite surprised that social and video channels don’t have podcast publishing built directly into their platforms for this purpose… so we have to rely on third-party tools like Headliner.

Headliner: How To Turn A Podcast Into A Shareable Videos

Headliner is a content editing and managing platform for making shareable videos or audiograms for your podcast. Their Automatic Podcast Videos tool has podcast promo video templates and you can even create audiograms for your podcast from a Headliner mobile app.

Headliner Features Include

  • Waveforms – Quickly grab people’s attention and let them know podcast audio playing with one of our awesome audio visualizers
  • Unlimited Videos – Promote your podcast with as many videos as you want, optimized for every social media channel
  • Full Episode – Publish your entire podcast episode (2-hour max) to YouTube and engage new audiences
  • Audio Transcription – Automatically transcribe audio to add captions to your videos to increase engagement and accessibility
  • Video Transcription – Headliner can transcribe from video too! If you’ve got content, we can help you add captions
  • Audio Clipper – Select clips of your podcast audio that are perfectly optimized for each social channel
  • Multiple Sizes – Export your videos in the optimal size for each social network and beyond
  • 1080p Export – Look great on screens large and small with full high-definition video
  • Text Animation – Choose from tons of text animations or create your own to add extra visual interest to your videos
  • All Types of Media – Add images, video clips, additional audio, GIFs, and more to any project
  • Embedded Widget – Within minutes, allow your site visitors a way to quickly create Headliner videos
  • Single Sign-On – Built for enterprise hosts, allows for seamless account login and sync’ing for videos back to your CMS.
  • Integrations – with Acast, Castos, SoundUp, Pinecast, blubrry, Libsyn, Descript, Fireside, Podigee, Stationist, Podiant, Casted, LaunchpadOne, Futuri, Podlink, Audioboom, Rivet, Podcastpage, Entercom, and more.

Here’s a great example of an Audiogram of the Headliner Podcast hosted on YouTube:

Best of all, you can get started with Headliner for free!

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Disclosure: I’m using my referral link for Headliner where I can get free upgrades if you sign up.