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Headliner: Create Audiograms to Share Audio and Podcast Promotions

SpareMin Audiogram

One of the more frustrating things for podcasters is that they don’t have the ability to easily share their audio recordings on media sites and in social media. Strangely enough, they all support video but don’t have a simple audio player.

With skyrocketing popularity, you’d think that Facebook and Twitter would have native tools for either publishing your Podcast Feed or dropping in individual MP3 files. To date, that’s not happened so some great third-party tools have hit the market.

One of these tools is Headliner, previously Sparemin, a tool that allows the user to upload imagery or video, overlay text, and import their audio to build an output MP4 which can be embedded online. The result is quite nice – with the audio waveform even matching the actual audio output. You can also output entire podcast episodes… something many people are doing on YouTube nowadays.

Here’s a view of their newest user interface, Headliner:

Headliner App

Here’s the simple interface for making Audiograms – a great way to promote your podcast on Instagram:

Audiogram for Instagram

Here’s the Audiogram that you see that I put together above and published on Instagram:

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This is an Audiogram made with SpareMin.

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Headliner is free and they continue to come out with some great features including live transcription (great for the social media platforms that mute your video by default).

Headliner Signup

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