Maximize Your Inbound Marketing with this Lead Generation Checklist


We’ve shared a comprehensive checklist on inbound marketing in the past which is focused on all of the different mediums, channels, and strategies you should deploy for a full-featured inbound marketing strategy. But not all inbound marketing strategies are there to capture and convert leads on a site. This infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines is a comprehensive look at the lead generation focus of an inbound marketing strategy.

While marketing automation software undoubtedly doubles the chance of marketers to generate more and better leads, and twice as more effective at communicating with their prospects, there are important factors that marketers should not overlook to ensure that their strategy and efforts will come to fruition. If you are planning to jumpstart your own inbound lead generation campaign this year, then it is high time to familiarize yourself with these factors. Jomer Gregorio, Digital Marketing Philippines

The infographic details the 8 specific steps of how digital marketers can maximize their lead generation efforts:

  1. Determine your goals and objectives.
  2. Design highly-targeted landing pages.
  3. Implement hooks or lead magnets.
  4. Develop email funnels helping you drive the prospect’s journey.
  5. Capture leads from traffic channels.
  6. Drive leads through advertising messages.
  7. Initiate remarketing campaigns to follow and attract visitors who left.
  8. Develop email nurturing campaigns.

Inbound Lead Generation Checklist

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