Is Marketiphrasing a Great Strategy?


See how I did that? I took Marketing and combined it with Phrasing. Cute, huh? I'm not sure that anyone has made up a word for the marketing strategy to make up words… so I just did.

The jury is still out whether or not I personally want to use this strategy (outside of this post). It seems that folks everywhere are thinking up new words to describe their theory or product. It's not new. Back in the 50's… everything was something-o-matic, providing a sense of automation. Now it seems that everyone is slamming syllables together, or words into new marketing phrases.


I'm not going to show any as some of them are quite clever. And I believe that's the key… they have to be clever (don't rate marketiphrasing). When I posed the question to some social media leaders, they responded that they were guilty… they often tried to make up new marketing phrases to assist in their strategies.

Jeff Widman said he was guilty of making them up. And Jason Keath, CEO of Social Fresh, brought up some great points to support the strategy. Jason provided 3 benefits to creating a unique and cleaver marketiphrase. He didn't know that I made up that term when I talked about it… and the explanations next to each of these are mine:

  • Thought Leadership – it does provide the impression that you are giving a topic deep thought and going down a road that's never been traveled.
  • Notoriety – if the idea spreads, it's a term that's synonymous with your name, company, product or service.
  • Search Engine Optimization – if you're inventing the word, you'll be tied to that word online. Again, if it spreads, people will be finding you over any competitor.

UPDATE: Brian Carter came up with some better marketiphrases for a marketiphrase… neomarketinglogisms… or the ever sarcastic neogurulogisms.

What are your favorite and least favorite marketiphrases?


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