7 Ways to Optimize Your Online Marketing Conversion Funnel

increase conversions marketing funnel

Too many marketers are overly concerned with increasing traffic to their sites instead of converting the traffic they have. Visitors are arriving at your site each and every day. They know your products, they have budget, and they're ready to buy… but you're not enticing them with the offering they need to convert.

In this guide, Brian Downard of Eliv8 shows you step by step how to build an automated marketing funnel that you can use to maximize the growth potential of your business using a simple 7-step formula.

  1. Product/Market Fit – Ensure that the product that you're marketing fits the target audience you're attracting.
  2. Choose Your Traffic Source – Identify the best source of traffic and drive more traffic from those sources.
  3. Lead Magnet – Offer an irresistible offer that you can give to your customer for FREE in exchange for their contact information.
  4. Trip Wire – Offer an irresistible, super low-ticket offer (typically between $1 and $20) that is used to convert leads into customers.
  5. Core Offer – Now that you've got the conversion, escalate and offer a Core Product or Service.
  6. Profit Maximizer – offer a bundle that packages high and low margins items together.
  7. Return Path – bring shoppers that don't purchase back into your funnel by establishing strategic touch points with them around the internet.

Increase Conversion Rate in your Online Marketing Funnel

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