What is Digital Marketing

what is digital marketing
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We’ve had some similar infographics on the inbound marketing process, the inbound marketing ecosystem, the rise of inbound marketing and even an infographic on the explosive growth of inbound marketing.

While inbound marketing focuses primarily on the acquisition of leads through your digital marketing efforts, this is an infographic from Pixaal, What is Digital Marketing?

It’s quite a good infographic, but digital marketing has quite a few other elements – video marketing, to Call-To-Action design, landing page development, public relations outreach, marketing automation, and other content strategies like whitepapers, ebooks, case studies and (ironically) infographics. Digital media encompasses your brand strategy, inbound marketing strategy, public relations strategy and video strategy.


Ashdown Group have created an infographic in an attempt to identify all of the different activities defined as Digital Marketing.

Many people’s definition of Digital Marketing is often focused purely on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). Whilst this is correct, the definition in reality goes much wider across a number of marketing activities as Wikipedia illustrates here.

What is Digital Marketing - an Infographic


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    Great infographic. I think a better question might be “what isn’t digital marketing” as digital marketing has come to encompass so many different things. It’s certainly an exciting field to be in these days!

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