2016 Global Programmatic Trends and Predictions


We’ve written about what programmatic advertising is late last year and did a great interview with expert Pete Kluge from Adobe on the topic. The industry is moving lightning fast. I’m not sure traditional ad purchase systems that require manual intervention for optimization will last. In fact, programmatic ad spending is expected to take 63% of the digital display market by the end of this year according to eMarketer.

The amalgamation of ad tech and mar tech will increase in 2016, with APAC marketers realizing the benefits of more effective targeting to reach the right people, with the right ads, at the right time.

I might add that these systems also target the right place with both relevant and geographic targeting.

As the reach expands and the algorithms continue to become more accurate, programmatic marketing is a welcome advancement. The ability for marketers to increase the efficiency of their marketing efforts instead of a spray and pray approach to mass ad purchasing is going to help the industry.

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Consumers will be less likely to block ads if they believe ads are valuable to them. And businesses can decrease cost per acquisition costs, perhaps shifting budget to loyalty and retention. Click on the infographic for a lightbox view or download it from MediaMath.

Programmatic Advertising Trends

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