Email Marketing Formulas and Key Indicators

New and experienced email marketers should understand the key metrics to analyzing their subscribers and campaigns. Here’s a breakdown of the key Email Marketing metrics as well as how to calculate them.

Email Marketing by the Numbers

My good friend, Chris Baggott, is about to release his first book, Email Marketing By the Numbers. Chris wrote the book with Ali Sales, another friend of mine. Chris is a founding partner in ExactTarget, the company I’m employed with as a Product Manager. Chris’ blog (along with other fantastic leaders and employees) have pushed ExactTarget into the stratosphere – named one of Inc’s 500 fastest growing companies in the country. Not only have I

Amazon Associates: Does anyone make any money?

I have to be honest… I love having my bookshelf on my blog and I love discussing books I’m reading with other bloggers. I don’t think I’ve ever made a dime on Amazon Associates, though. It makes me wonder if my associate account is broke or people simply just don’t buy books off of web sites. My second honest point: I rarely shop at Amazon. I love Borders and their Cafe and their Rewards Program.

My Freakonomics – Save Your Budget with Better Wages

I just completed reading Freakonomics. It’s been a while since I couldn’t put down a business book. I purchased this book on Saturday night and started reading it on Sunday. I finished it a few minutes ago. I admit that it even took up some of my mornings, making me late for work. At the core of this book is the unique perspective that Steven D. Levitt takes when he analyzes situations. What I lack

Fourth Person? Fifth Person? Grammatical Person and Marketing

This may not be an accurate comparison, but I was thinking about web-based marketing today and came up with a thought. I’ve often spoken about weaknesses with websites that are simply ‘yard signs’. I’m reading Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers and it speaks to the same issue. I found I’m as guilty as the next guy – having built quite a few sites that didn’t allow much interaction.