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For years now I’ve been bouncing from application to application to handle my social media work. Some of them worked great on my phone, not on my desktop. Some worked great in an application, but not in a browser. Others worked fantastic as long as you had one or 2 accounts… but with a dozen they choked and died. Jenn Lisak, who advises our clients on social media, kept telling me to get on Hootsuite so I gave it a shot.

I haven’t looked back yet. In fact, we recently closed our $500 per month social media tool account with another vendor in favor of our $5.99 per month account with Hootsuite. That sounds like we may have sacrificed a lot… but we haven’t sacrificed anything. Jenn and I work on our corporate social accounts together and we can login across any device or a browser and can pick up right where we left off. And we can see the work that the other person has so we don’t wind up responding repeatedly to social requests.

One of the things I didn’t like about Hootsuite was that I had to run it in a browser – but that’s not the case either. Hootsuite extensions allow you to run it as an application! Team collaboration, custom reporting, scheduled updates, task assignments and I can use it anywhere on any device… right where I left off without any problems. How can you beat that?

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