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Local SEO: Ranking for Local Search

We’ve really been having some fun with a local home service company here in Indianapolis and working on their inbound marketing efforts. Most of our experience to date has been working with enterprise clients who also hoped to rank regionally and we unlocked some great strategies for them. This specific client isn’t in any other city, though, and has a ton of competition here.

We deployed an amazing site, built a great content library, produced some premium content, drove attention with some public relations pushes… and all the pieces are working brilliantly. They skyrocketed over the last six months – no blackhat marketing, no backlink schemes, nothing but a ton of research and a lot of hard work. It also helps that they’re an honest, affordable vendor in a market full of shady competition.

That said, as we looked at their competition, we were simply amazed at how many of the vendors out there didn’t have the bare necessities of good local search engine optimization when it came to their sites and online presence. It’s not difficult, but it is time-consuming and requires a solid website foundation to get where you need to be.

Just like any other digital marketing professional out there, I’ve become a witness to the never-ending changes that occur in the SEO landscape. In this post, I’ll be sharing my insights and a few strategies we’ve been implementing to help our partners get their clients ranking on local search results. Itamar Gero, SEO Reseller

This infographic from SEO Reseller is a solid checklist that I’d absolutely recommend for any company looking to grow their local search presence. Called, 16 Local SEO Fixes to Ramp Up Your Rankings in 20 Days, the infographic walks local business owners, agencies, or even local SEO consultants, through all the fixes they need to apply to ensure their clients are ranking where they deserve to be, including:

  1. Speed up your site.
  2. Optimize for mobile-friendliness
  3. Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  4. Create killer content
  5. Implement local Schema markup
  6. Optimize your Google My Business listing.
  7. Optimize your Yahoo! Local listing using Yext.
  8. Optimize your Bing Places for Business listing.
  9. Optimize Your Yellow Pages Business listing.
  10. Optimize Your Yelp and Manta profiles.
  11. Use Localeze to Ensure Business Information Consistency.
  12. Get customers to review your business.
  13. Get vouched for by local institutions.
  14. Get on social media.
  15. Optimize for Facebook with OpenGraph tagging.
  16. Tap into your Youtube traffic.

I’d add one huge one that they forgot on this site – add local citations throughout every page. We often have the company’s name, address, and phone number on every single page of the site along with the regions they service.

Local SEO Ranking Tips


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    Local SEO can improve website rankings in the local search results. it is lot different from SEO campaign. Thanks for the infographic, you provided good pictorial representation of optimizing website for locals. Local search results are changing more rapidly than any other so we should also pay more attention towards Local SEO

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