Automation and Digital Marketing Personalization

digital marketing personalization

We just posted an infographic on Mass Marketing versus Personalization that spoke to the advantages of personalized communications over batch and blast style marketing. Pardot has developed the following infographic speaking to Marketing Automation and Personalization.

In order to succeed in today’s crowded marketplace, marketers need to personalize their marketing and web experiences for their customers and sales prospects alike. However, according to a new study from Econsultancy, many marketers are struggling to implement personalization in their digital marketing efforts.

One of the nice elements of a marketing automation system is the ability to collect data direct from the prospect as well as capture their behavior over time. Old school personalization required extensive form captures that had high abandonment rates. Utilizing marketing automation, you can slowly capture the data and continue to fine-tune your campaigns, making them more relevant to the prospect as you learn more about them. This minimizes abandonment and increases conversion rates.


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