What is Content Distribution?

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Content that goes unseen is content that provides little to no return on investment, and, as a marketer, you might have noticed how hard it is becoming to get your content seen by even a fraction of the audience you’ve worked so hard to build over the past few years.

Unfortunately, the future is likely to hold more of the same: Facebook recently announced that its goal is to take brands’ organic reach down to 1 percent. Social networks now require you to pay to play, and it is very likely that you’ll see other platforms follow Facebook’s lead. It’s like the old saying, If a tree falls in the forest, but no one is there to hear, did it really make a sound? You create content for/around/about your brand to make a sound. Fortunately, content distribution guarantees that it will.

Content distribution is a means by which brands can disseminate content to larger, more targeted audiences through such methods as paid efforts, influencer outreach, brand partnerships and non-traditional PR. Examples of these efforts include native ads on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. (paid), syndication through platforms like Outbrain or Taboola (paid), content swaps with other companies (brand partnerships) and traditional PR pitches (earned) in order to get the media to cover your content.

Download-Content-Distribution-101Any marketers who want to grow and engage their audiences need not only a great content plan, but also a great distribution plan. What we’ve known for the last few years remains true: Brands must be producing valuable, relevant and entertaining content for their audiences; however, once that is done, they need to put the proper resources and targeting behind distribution in order to get that content to viewers.

Distribution, either organic or paid, is becoming increasingly vital to your digital marketing strategy. Take a look at some numbers we ran on how organic reach is decreasing across all brand Facebook accounts, but how much paid distribution can turn that around.

We’re seeing that proper use of native advertising, syndication and influencer outreach can take any size client to the next level of engagement and reach. By having a real understanding of our clients’ audiences, we’ve been able to see huge successes in conversions, engagement and reach. Some clients have seen a huge drop in potential reach in the past 12 months; we have been able to bring those numbers back to where they should be.

If you want to get started with your content distribution strategy, download our Content Distribution 101 white paper today.

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