The Inbound Call Channel is Huge… and Untapped

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One industry that’s vastly underserved and a huge opportunity for marketers is call tracking. As smartphones become more prevalent in business for reading emails, searching for businesses, and researching our purchases – more and more people are simply clicking the phone number they find on the site. For companies who advertise across media channels, this is a huge problem because they misreport the channel that’s generating the call, the lead and the conversion.

We have a client that has this issue – providing the same phone number on their television commercials as they do on their site, in their digital advertising, and across their content which delivers consumers from an array of sources – from search to social. The misnomer internally is that anyone who calls the number is attributed to the television advertising – but this simply isn’t the case at all.

This infographic is from Invoca, a cloud-based platform that provides campaign management, clear attribution, practical analytics and mobile optimization tools.

Inbound Call

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    Great infographic, Douglas! Calls are so, so, so important. The loudest voice (IMHO) is that mobile doesn’t convert. In my experience, if you are tracking calls, mobile DOES convert. And it converts well. In the case of service based businesses, they know if they can get a lead on the phone the lead-to-sale conversion rate is much higher.

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