WordPress: How to Build a Tag Cloud Page

One of the new features of my theme is a tag cloud page. I like tag clouds, but not for the actual purpose of them. The tag cloud I display is really a way for me to identify whether or not I’m staying on topic or my blog’s message is changing over time.

New blogger associate Al Pasternak, asked how to build a Tag page using the Ultimate Tag Warrior Plugin.

Here’s how: After installing the plugin and modifying your options, you simply insert the following code in your Page Template where your content is displayed. You do not want to put it in place of your content… just adjacent to it.

Add a page called “Tags” and leave the content empty. Voila! Now the page will display your tag cloud!


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    As a friendly suggestion, I recommend to default the “Subscribe to comments via email” box to unselected.

    Many people comment rather quickly and don’t even notice that small option. When they start getting ‘spammed’ with e-mails and don’t understand why, it can get pretty annoying.

    Just my two cents! 🙂

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    Thanks, Tony!

    I’m getting mixed signals on the subscribe checkmark… a couple of folks emailed me and told me they wished it was preselected so that they wouldn’t forget to subscribe. I’d rather err on the side of preselecting. If someone responds to your comment, of course you would want to get notice. And it’s pretty simple to opt out.


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    I have to second Doug’s reasoning here.

    When writing a comment, one joins/starts a discussion. Thus I think it is natural, that one would want to be notified.

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    “Good looking” cloud!

    You can employ more than one color with discretion.

    One way to use colors in your cloud tag:
    – select a main color, assign it to the biggest font;
    – “blend” this color for smaller fonts.
    A “coloring” example at

    Tag cloud

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      Interesting, Tom. I don’t think this solution would work since it’s simply pulling from the tags that have been added in this blog alone. However, it may be possible to pull and aggregate tags using Technorati’s API if each of the blogs are on Technorati.

      Sounds like a fun little programming project!

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    Hi Mr. Doug
    I’m using Jerome’s Keywords Plugin to create tag-cloud. I recommended to use Jerome’s Keywords Plugin rather than Ultimate Tag Warrior.
    I think Ultimate Tag Warrior too complicated to use. thanks anyway.

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