Is Anyone Asking - Ask SitemapsYou may have noticed in one of my recent links that and Live have joined into the Sitemaps standard. The term sitemap is pretty self-explanatory – it’s a means for search engines to map out your website easily. Sitemaps are constructed in XML so that they can be easily consumed through programming. I have a stylesheet applied to my sitemap so that you can see what information is contained.

Sitemaps and WordPress

With WordPress, it’s simple to automate and build your sitemaps. Just install the Google Sitemap Plugin. I am running the 3.0b6 version of the plugin and it’s fantastic. I recently modified the plugin and added submission support as well. I’ve submitted my changes to the developer and hope he adds them and releases the next version.

Submitting your Sitemap to

You can submit your sitemap to manually through their site submission tool:’sitemap=[Your Sitemap URL]

I was excited to see this and immediately submitted my site and began work on the plugin modification. I know that recently overhauled their home page and got some press so I thought it would lead to some additional traffic.

Is Anyone Asking

Over 50% of my daily visits come from Google but I have yet to see a single visitor from! I see a trickle of Yahoo! visitors and a few Live visitors… but no visitors. In viewing some of the search results, many of them look quite aged… much older (sometimes a year old) references to my old Domain Name and old articles. Perhaps this is a key reason why isn’t getting any traffic? Do any of you use


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    The last couple of times I’ve tried, I haven’t generated very good search results. Many of the links it presented were either not there any more or just really old. I didn’t know anybody was using anything BUT Google any more. At least they index on a regular basis.

    Wow, nice Technorati ranking. Those are tough to come by.

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    The last tie I actually tried Ask was the first time I saw those monkey commercials of theirs. I found then that the results they return are no good. Interestingly enough, Technorati doesn’t consider them a top tier search either. You can search for your domain on Ask, and then ping Technorati with the results URL. It won’t blast you into the top 100, but its a free Technorati backlink!

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    I get 5 to 10 hits from daily (on my old blog)… and all on the same article…..

    Let’s see if this sitemap thing improves our situation 🙂

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    I know this is an old article, but I just wanted to let you know that I found you through! Funny, isn’t it?

    I use when I’m looking for something very specific. For some reason they always point me in the right direction.

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      That’s awesome to hear! I just read that Ask is laying off some folks and thinking of utilizing Google – but feedback is that their engine is very good on specific queries. I’ve not used it much, but have heard good things on the logic and algorithms that their engine is based on.


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